We are excited to finally launch our redeveloped and user friendly website.  One of the most exciting changes is the addition of our "Holiday Collection" tab.  It's very much like a blog page and it's going to give us the opportunity to showcase not only our favorite vehicles, but the custom projects we do as well.  Most dealerships you visit are developed and started by business people who could really care less about the style of a vehicle, what makes it work, and how it was designed.  That's where we stand out.  Gasoline is in our blood and we get excited about the vehicles we offer and have done so since the beginning in 1974.  With that being said, we found it only appropriate to have our first photo and post to be of the man who started it all, David Henry.  This picture was taken with his granddaughter Layla Henry and a 2009 Supercharged Callaway Corvette.  He lead the way for almost 40 years and instilled in us the honesty, integrity, respect for others, and the love for amazing machines that has continued to allow us to grow each day.